Andrew “Andy” Andersen

June 30, 1922 – May 3, 1985

Andy Andersen was born on the Andersen Ranch 36 miles south of Gordon, Nebraska.  His parents were Peter and Blanche Andersen.  Their children were Jim, Nell, Maude, Andy, Betty, John, Lora, Mary Ann and Joe. 

The Andersen Ranch was originally filed as a homestead by Andy’s father Peter, grandfather Neils and sister Mary.  In later years other homesteads were also bought out and proved to now make up the Andersen Ranch still in the family.

Andy attended a county school 1 mile from the home place with his 8 siblings.  For high school, siblings Nell, Maude and Andy were sent to Curtis, Nebraska.  In two weeks, Andy hitched a ride back to the ranch.  Upon his return his Dad sent the 14 year old cowboy six miles south with four head of horses.  His charge was to feed cows hay throughout the winter while boarding at the Ed Ostrander Ranch.  Andy’s younger years were spent cowboying for some local outfits such as Felix Nern (now the Hill Ranch).  Andy enjoyed many long drives trailing cattle along the dismal river during this time.

Andy married EvaLee Reynolds in 1950.  They had three children: Georgia (Brady & Holly), Dan (Branden, Hannah & Ciera) and Jeff.  Although Andy had bought out the ranch from his siblings, their children all enjoyed spending their summers with Uncle Andy and family.  Many cousins have recounted the fun and family time spent on the Andersen Ranch.  It was typical for summers to include 8-10 children learning and 
enjoying ranching with Andy and EvaLee.  Andy enjoyed good cattle and horses.  Being a left handed roper he won many calf ropings and team ropings.  His practice arena at the ranch was enjoyed by many and definitely passed on the rodeo bug to his children and grandchildren.  His real love of the sandhills included many conversation efforts. Andy was always proud to point out all the trees and windbreaks they planted over the years.

Andy was a member of the Tri State Cowboys Association, Gordon Roping Club and received the Outstanding Ranch Award in 1985 Gordon Chamber of Commerce.

Andy had a lifelong love and appreciation for the sandhills. He has passed on a lifetime commitment of western values and stewardship to numerous generation and dedicated his life to ranching and the pursuit of western traditions.

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