Bernard Spencer

2019 Cowboy Hall of Fame Inductee

September 24, 1925

Bernard was born north of Hyannis, Nebraska on September 24, 1925.  His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Bert Spencer and siblings included Lola Walker, Alberta Carton and Vera Thurman.  He married Frances (Roby) Spencer and their children are Debra Jasnoch, Katrina Hasse and Tracy Spencer.  He worked for Everett Eldred upon returning home from the service.  One pasture had 88 windmills, 1 for each 640 acres.  He used a wagon with 4 horses and 1 lead saddle horse to distribute salt.  It took several days to make the circle.  They furnished good Morgan horses which he broke for both saddle and work horses.  After his first year there we was promoted to manager of the ranch.  This was before tractors and modern equipment.  All work was done by horses.

After 1945 Bernard went to work for Rush Creek Land and livestock Company.  He remained with them for 52 years and managed one of their ranches.  He retired in 2002.

One memorable moment was when he cabled hay with horses he didn’t need to use the reins.  He just talked to the horses and they responded to his voice, taking it slow and easy.  Rush Creek had several ranches but the one Bernard was in charge of was the most profitable for them he was told.

Bernard is honest as any man I have every known and is appreciated as a good neighbor and community members.  He is a real traditional cowboy.  He has worked mostly with horses his entire life.  He was drafted in 1942 and served in Japan until 1942.  He was noted for his expertise working with cattle and horses.  He could front foot a horse on open range and he worked cattle with ease and simplicity, taking time to not rush them and get the job done calmly.

Bernard won several buckles and trophies at cutting horse contests.

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