Beverly Nutter

Beverly Nutter

November 3, 1931- August 29, 2009

Beverly Nutter was born, Beverly Gail Chamberlain in Lincoln County, Nebraska on November 3, 1931 to James L. and Irma Kunkel Chamberlain. She was later named “Jinx” by her Dad and was the youngest sibling to Margaret and Walter. When “Jinx” was able to keep up, their dad sent the three children horseback on the 20 mile round to check water wells in the summertime. This was added to the children’s responsibility of wrangling mares for teasing and breeding in the spring. Jinx was only 15 years old when her father passed away from cancer in 1946, leaving “mother” with many responsibilities. Customarily, ranches were sold when the man was lost, but Irma and her three teenagers took up the charge and held the 20 plus section ranch together.

Her first husband, Oran C. Magnuson, was the father to her 3 children: Duane Lee, Kendra Lou, and Kent Oran Magnuson. They ranched in Lincoln County, Southwest of North Platte and were married in December 1948. Beverly later married Glen Nutter of Thedford in May 1963 and they bought (and paid for) a ranch south of Thedford. Beverly was one of three who formed the Nebraska Cowgirls Rodeo Association, serving as President and was State Champion. She remained a barrel horse trainer and competitor her entire life. She was also involved in horse racing, English dressage and jumping competitions, training and driving draft and light horses, even building her own buggies and wagons while she was in her 50’s. She loved her working cow dogs, gardening and raising all kinds of poultry. In the last few years she had become involved with farming in Frontier County. She loved the entire cattle industry and all the related business aspects. Beverly raised many of her own horses for ranch use and rodeo competition. She was a lifelong rancher in Thomas County, Lincoln County and Frontier County. Several other talents included leathercraft, gardening, sewing, and leadership in 4-H. Beverly delighted in helping any young person desiring to further their horsemanship skills. Her work ethic was unmatchable and you should see the fences she personally built, and was still building, at her untimely death.

A woman of recognized horsemanship talents, she was an outrider for a chuck wagon racing team that won 1st place for three days at the 1956 Buffalo Bill Rodeo in North Platte. At a North Platte cancer benefit horse show sponsored by the Western Nebraska Horse Racing Association in 1959, she won 4 saddle horse races in one day using the same horse. Beverly has received many awards and honors for her outstanding horsemanship skills!

Beverly’s children and grandchildren were her pride and joy! She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, joining on January 10, 2001. Beverly passed away on August 29, 2009, near her ranch home southwest of North Platte, while riding horseback checking cattle and water. She was one half mile from her birthplace and childhood home, the Chamberlain Figure 2 Ranch. Although she is no longer with us, her love for horses was passed down to her children.

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