Bill Gallino

Bill Gallino

October 8, 1928 – March 4, 2020

Bill was born October 8, 1928 in a covered wagon near Spring Creek, SD to Charles and Gertrude (Marshall) Gallino. Bill was the second child to the union. Charlotte, Orville, and Nile were Gallino siblings. Bill lived on the Peterson Ranch where Charles was employed. He attended the Spring Creek school through the 8th grade, then the family moved to Valentine where he attended 9th grade at Valentine High School. Bill then left school to begin his ranching career. He worked at the Arnold Ranch, Bachelor Ranch and several others in the area. He met and married Bessie Wondercheck Gallino. They had three children, Bonnie (Dave) Price, Kaye (Wayne) Stancil and Billy. Bill passed on his last knowledge of horses, ranching, cattle and rodeo to his family, friends and neighbors, always lending a helping hand to anyone in need. Bill always made any gathering special whether it was work or play. There were always practical jokes, storytelling, card games and lots of laughter in his presence. He was always an outdoor person, proven by him working in the hayfield every year including the 2020 haying season.

Bill was a huge supporter of anything to do with sports and in particular, rodeo. He hauled all three children to rodeos and continued to support the sport. He didn’t miss watching any rodeo on TV or local.

Bill was a big part of starting the first Valentine Roping Club. 

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