Duane Buss

Duane Buss

August 24, 1933

Duane Buss was born on August 24, 1933, north of Ogallala, Nebraska, to Bert and Maxine Buss. He had an older sister Martha Rodgers and a younger brother, Glen Buss. On December 30, 1951, Duane Buss and Doris Driefholt were married in Paxton, Nebraska. Duane and his wife Dotsie still reside in Keith County and have three children: son Jim, and daughters Terry and Christy.

Duane worked for many area ranchers, including Jim Lawler, Arnold McKeag, Francis McFadden, Gene Nielsen, Darrell Thalken and Henry Anderson before leasing the Anderson Ranch north of Paxton. He has lived north of Paxton since 1962.

Duane worked with cattle and horses all his life and started roping with his dad, Bert Buss, when he was quite small. He entered his first rodeo when he was fourteen years old and never stopped until he joined the Army in 1952. He then resumed ranching, roping and team roping with his good friend Sid Cotton at all the rodeos they could go to.

Duane was involved in starting the Nebraska State Rodeo Association and served as the Calf Roping Director from 1959 to 1963. He was the runner-up calf roping champion three times, winning the Championship in 1962. Duane was also the runner up team roping champion in 1962 and won the Championship in 1963. Duane was awarded his NSRA gold card membership in 1998. Duane won numerous saddles, trophies and buckles. In later years, he took part in Team Penning and Team Sorting.

Over the years, Duane has helped many younger people learn how to rope and become better horsemen. He is respected by his peers and continues to live the cowboy way of life.

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