Emory Daly

Emory Daly

November 8, 1924 – November 25, 1975

Emory was born November 8, 1924 to Ed and Hazel Daly in Flats, Nebraska and had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. He married Evelyn Correll in 1953 and had 4 children, Patty (deceased as a child), Charles, Dave and Lori. Before being drafted in the service, he worked for the Monahan Ranch in Grant County and after the war was the foreman on the Paxton Ranch for 8 years before buying his own place in 1961 on the Dismal River south of Thedford where he lived until he passed.

Emory Daly personified the Sandhills Cowboy. Born and raised there, he grew up riding and training not only ranch/rodeo horses but mules and draft horses as well. He wanted a horse capable of doing the work above all else and believed cattle work should be done horseback. A team and wagon were also used as much as possible. Most future broodmares were broke to ride as colts out of necessity as many of the geldings he raised were sold to folks around the area. Emory worked hard and after serving his country in the Korean War, came back and realized his dream of owning a ranch in the Sandhills. He had a passion for helping the younger generation as well, shown by his work producing many High School and Amateur rodeos. He put on numerous informal rodeos at the home place, kept kids mounted on horses he raised, and provided jobs in the summer. He left the Sandhills better than he found them.

Emory served as a Director for the Nebraska High School Rodeo Association and was a long time Thedford High School Board member where they named the track in his memory.

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