Felix M. Becker

Felix M. Becker

September 11, 1890 – May 5, 1979

Felix M. Becker was born September 11, 1890 in Mullen, Nebraska to Peter and Catherine “Kate” Becker. He had 2 brothers, John and Edward and three sisters, Mary, Claire and Anna. On October 1, 1924 he married Minnie R-Jons in Hyannis, Nebraska. To this union 2 children were born, Peter R. & E. Jean. His son, Pete, remains on the ranch today.

Felix was a representative for the Spade Ranch and was considered very knowledgeable on cattle brands. This was when he was 16 years old. When he was 18, he began accompanying his father with their cattle to the Omaha Market. He later formed an alliance with Clarence Galbraith. Felix, along with his son, Pete, also bought their stud, Revenue, in 1949. This was the beginning of their Quarter horse business, which is still thriving today. Felix had a goal to have 2,000 cattle, and from what we understand, it was reached. Together with his son, Pete, they built up the black Angus herd, which is about 1,100 today. According to an article in the Nebraska Cattleman, March 1970, Felix was described as a “Ranchers, Rancher”.

Felix had 4 granddaughters: Tinka (Scott) Moller, Tracey Morgan, Trudy (Kasey) Kistler, and Becky Beans.
Felix loved the ranch life and his family. The ranch he took over from his father is still being run by his son, Pete, and his granddaughters.

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