Clifferd “bounce” Bain

Clifferd “bounce” Bain


Bounce was a rancher and horseman all his life. He loved to rope and was a member of the Johnstown Roping Club for a number of years. He loved rodeo’s, brandings, and cattle drives. He helped the Hollenbeck Bros. with their rodeo stock at times.

Bounce also worked for the Bassett Livestock Auction for over 20 years as a fieldman and ringman. He was also a member of the Rock County Ag. Society for over 25 years.

When he bought a ranch south of Bassett in 1957 and stocked it with Hereford bulls, it was a dream come true for him.

Bounce loved good whiskey and good horses. He bought, sold or traded many horses during a game of 500. He supplied his kids and grandkids with horses for whatever activity they were involved in. I was always proud to call him my dad.

-Connie Bussinger

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