Doyle Hollenbeck

Doyle Hollenbeck

April 2, 1923-July 17, 2010

Doyle was born on April 2nd, 1923 on the Ranch owned by his parents, Earl and Belle.

Doyle grew up like all ranch boys, working cattle and breaking colts for his father.

In the late 40’s Doyle and his wife Sally started Jackpot rodeos at the home ranch, located south of Long Pine, NE.

Also in the early years he traveled roping calves with Dale Daniels and Dale Phillipps. Out of his jackpots Doyle and his brother Beryl started the Hollenbeck Bros. Rodeo Co., producing rodeos throughout Nebraska. Some roping clubs in the area were at Meadville, Rose, and the south of Calamus area with matched ropings with the Long Pine Roping Club.

The brothers sold out their rodeo company in 1965 due to the increased time needed to run the home ranch.

Doyle was also a regular at many rodeos as a judge in the years after the rodeo company. His son Larry still judges today.

Doyle lost his beloved wife Sally in 1972 to cancer. She was always his influence as a cowboy.

Doyle is a true cowboy at heart and will always love the sport of rodeo. He spends as much time as his health will allow watching his grandchildren and great grandchildren carry on the true cowboy ways in today’s arenas.

Doyle passed away on Saturday, July 17, 2010, at the Brown County Hospital.

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