Edson Gale

Edson Gale


Edson Gale still resides in the house where he was born in 1925. He has ranched his entire life. He’s broke many young horses, fed and hayed with teams, roped cattle in the open on the ranch, at brandings and in local rodeos and still rides today at age 81. At an early age, he drove cattle over twenty five miles north to Cody, Nebraska, to get them to the train for market in Omaha.

Edson’s father suffered a stroke in 1940, since then Edson has overseen and later purchased and added to the family ranch, located in the heart of Cherry County, thirty five miles southwest of Cody, Nebraska.

He’s served on the Cutcomb Lake School Board, the Cherry County Fairboard and was named Cattleman of the Year by the National Chianina Association.

Some lead with words; Edson leads by example. Although a quiet, humble man who has gone through life without many accolades, his dedication, honesty, work ethic, love for the land and the ranching business, make him a most worthy candidate for the Nebraska Sandhills Cowboy Hall of Fame.

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