Ernest “Ernie” R. Abold

Ernest “Ernie” R. Abold

November 1907 – March 1992

Ernie Abold earned his way to the Hall of Fame as the cowboy life was the only life he knew. He was proud to be a “Turtle” and he took part in every event and traveled from Nebraska to Canada. He was known for his “Sandhills” drawl.

Ernie was born November 3, 1907 at Rushville, Nebraska. His parents were Henry and Minnie (Carnes) Abold. He had two younger brothers and two sisters. He married Nina C. Peterson in 1936 and adopted Henry Lewis (Butch) Abold.

Ernie ranched all his life outside of Rushville, Nebraska when not on the road. He was all around, bareback, bull riding, saddle bronc, steer roping, roman riding, trick riding, and a clown. He rode during the 20s, 30s, 40s and early 50s. He helped as a judge and a pickup man at rodeos.

He was a “Turtle”. His membership number is listed in the first Turtle membership book printed in 1938, and his number was 532.

During his rodeo days, he won the title of World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider in the 30s, and the CTA (Cowboy Turtle Association) belt buckle for All Around Cowboy in the 40s, as well as other numerous awards and buckles. He was with Joe Grier’s Wild West Show and stayed on a year after Gene Autry bought the Show.

Despite all the bumps, bruises and broken bones, he loved his life.

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