Garth (buck) Carr

Garth (buck) Carr

April 25, 1929

Garth (Buck) Carr was born April 25th, 1929 on a ranch five miles north of Springview and three and one-half miles west of the five mile corner. The ranch was, and still is, owned by the Beatty Family.

Buck’s parents were George and Josephine Carr, who worked for the Beatty family until George’s death.

Buck came from a large family, totaling seven in all. His sisters are Elayne Costello, Ethelda Blake, Paulyne Lehn, Betty Barongrover, Josephyne Prentice, and Daphyne Clark.

Buck received his schooling in Keya Paha County, going to Grade School at District 56 north of Springview and attending Keya Paha County High for his high school education.

On June 7th, 1951, Buck was drafted into the army where he was stationed in Alaska during the Korean Conflict. He was honorably discharged from duty on June 7th, 1953. He was in active army reserves for two more years.

Buck married Doris M. Rasmussen on May 8th, 1954. They had five children: Mark (deceased), Doug, Rick, Dave and Kathy (deceased).

Buck and Doris bought the ranch, in which they currently reside north of Springview, in 1957 from Ernest Krenke. Buck has lived on the ranch all of his life, where he raised and produced some of the county’s best Angus cattle. He still takes pride in his livestock, family and horses.

“My father has been a rancher all his life. In fact, being a rancher is his life…he raised us boys all the same way and taught us right from wrong and to take responsibility for one’s actions. Dad has always been and still is very active in the ranch way of life, riding his own horses, branding and roping calves, and feeding stock.”

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