Glenn Nutter

Glenn Nutter

Glen Nutter was always an “All Around” cowboy, storyteller and gentlemen. He loved rodeo and the ranching way of life. He was well known in and outside of the rodeo arena for his wit and wisdom. The cowboys, young and old, who knew him freely relate their own stories of his life.

Glenn served in the Army at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, where in 1945 after taking a three-day pass to ride broncs and rope calves in Belle Fourche, SD, he earned the title of “World Champion Buffalo Rider“, a title he probably still holds.

Glenn was a true horseman, breaking and riding many good horses. In early years, he broke horses for $5 a horse, a job that took a month or more. On more than one occasion he was heard to comment on the relationship of poor fences to good horses.

In the rodeo arena, Glenn won more than his share of buckles, saddles, and tack as a bronc rider and calf roper. Riding broncs until he was 30, he picked up numerous titles, including Cheyenne Frontier Days, Alliance and Belle Fourche. He earned the All Around title in Hyannis in 1946 and 1947, Broken Bow in 1946 and Anselmo and Stuart in 1949. Glenn joined the PRCA in 1046.

After retiring from bronc riding, he calf roped another 20 years, until a horse fell on him, breaking his ribs. He continued to care for good horses and his cattle on his ranch in Thomas County, NE.

Glenn was well known for his horsemanship and never missed an opportunity to share his love of horses and rodeo with others. Many young cowboys benefited from his experience, a testimony to his legacy.

Glenn is survived by his wife, Shirley, of Thedford; son, Joe, of North Platte; and daughter, Linda, of Arizona.

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