Homer Courtney Halstead Blank

Homer Courtney Halstead Blank

July 29, 1921

Homer C. Blank grew up in Ainsworth. He tells of riding his Shetland pony south of town with his rifle to shoot jackrabbits for supper. He cowboy for neighbors in and around Ainsworth and surrounding areas, driving cattle and camping out.

In 1940, he was in the Army in Fort Robinson, west of Crawford, NE. He worked as a Vet Tech under Col. Sager in the Veterinary Department on the post. He was on the Jumping Horse Exhibition Team and they traveled around Nebraska putting on shows.

In 1951 he was sent to Cochabahamba, Bolivia to serve in a horse unit under another Veterinary. He tells of going up into the mountains to test horses and mules for various diseases and finding very large steaming piles of carnivorous animal manure in the middle of the road and wondering where the big animal was.

After being stationed all over the world, in 1961, he retired and moved his family home to Ainsworth where he instilled a love of horses in his children and grand children. He still loves his horses even though it is hard for him to get around anymore.

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