Jerry Buckles

Jerry Buckles

June 12, 1658

Jerry Lyle Buckles, son of Buck and Joan Buckles, was born June 12, 1958 in Gordon, NE. He has two sisters, Julie Anderson and Joni Elwood.

Since Jerry was small, his interest was in horses, rodeo and ranching. When he was 10, Buck started a hay contract at the Fawn Lake Ranch and Jerry worked a team on a rake. Through the years Jerry swept a lot of hay with a four-horse sweep and fed a lot of cattle with six head of horses. He is an exceptional hand with a work horse and a saddle horse.

Buck and Dean Hare had rodeo stock in the 70's and Jerry and the Hare boys, Scott, Miles and Vernon, helped with every rodeo. When Dean and Buck weren't around, many bucking horses were rode, bulls were fought and steers were roped! The high school principal was always calling to find out where the boys were.

Rodeo has been a big part of Jerry's life, Little Britches, High School, College, Amateur and PRCA. For many years Jerry and his "Spot" horse picked up at rodeos.

Jerry team roped and qualified for the NSRA finals for 40 years winning the team roping a number of times. In 1979, roping with Craig Haythorn, they won the NARC Finals in Gallup, NM and then again in 1989 with Rod Buckley. In 1985 he went to the NFR in Las Vegas roping with Jerald Camarillo.

Jerry and his wife Carmen live on a Barta Ranch near Burwell.

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