Ken Smith

Ken Smith

Ken Smith is a true cowboy in every sense of the word. He is very dedicated to the land and his cattle. His word is as good as gold. Ken never goes back on his word.

Ken is a simple man who is always ready to help a friend or neighbor. He has always supported rodeos and has donated many buckles for them.

He has been actively involved in many community organizations, serving as a leader of 4-H for many years. He has also served as Chairman of the Nebraska Cattlemen for a time and a member of the Sandhills Cattle Association for years. Ken was honored to receive the Farm & Ranch Family of the Year in 2005, a Conservation Award in 2001 and an Honorary Chapter Award in 2006.

Ken is also a great supporter of whatever his children and grandchildren do. Friends and family know Ken Smith as one of the last true cowboys.

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