Kenneth O’hare

Kenneth O’hare

July 4, 1926

Kenneth was born and raised in the Johnstown, Nebraska area. He has observed many changes during his life. Ken O’Hare ranched all his life and expanded his operation to include land north of Highway 20. He served on various organizations in Ainsworth, Johnstown, and North Central Nebraska. He is a good businessman and understands environmental needs of the land. His employees also boast of his leadership qualities. Not many employers have farm/ranch hands that work for them for 15 to 35 years. We feel Kenneth is the type of person that brings pride to our Sandhills way of life.

Kenneth was born to Ted and Goldie O’Hare on July 4th, 1925. Kenneth lived in North Central Nebraska his entire life. In 1942, after graduating from Johnstown High School, he served 4 years in Korea. When he returned, he married Ruth Day from Springview, Nebraska. Five children were born to the couple: Corby, Cindy, Douglas, Becky, and Tod. Kenneth and Ruth have 11 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

The family has fond memories of ranch life during the years south of Johnstown. All five of the children grew up doing chores and helping out as their age would permit. Today, even spouses, grandchildren and great grandchildren have special memories of ranch life with Kenneth and Ruth. (A special memory was Easter. After Easter dinner, Kenneth would load everybody into the suburban, drive through the hills at the ranch and look at the “new baby calves.”)

In 1962, Kenneth rented land west of Ainsworth and expanded his ranching operation to include corn. He continues both the farming and ranching operations to this current day. In 1979, two of his sons moved back to Ainsworth to help out. They formed the DCK Partnership, in 1982. Kenneth still helps with the harvest and the processing of cattle. In 1991, he decided they should go into the bred heifer business. Heifers are purchased from Montana and Nebraska, AIed, and sold as replacement heifers. Kenneth thoroughly enjoys buying the heifers and to this day is the main cattle buyer for the operation. He also helps work the cattle at the ranch. Kenneth continues to be active in running both the farm and ranch.

Kenneth has received various awards and honors and has held numerous offices.
-2005 Farm Ranch Family of the Year
-Served on many Nebraska Cattlemen Committees
-Served on many National Cattlemen Committees
-Nebraska Stockgrower’s President and Stockgrower committees -Production Credit Association Director
-Served on numerous committees at his Church
-Ainsworth Public Schools-Board of Education President
-Sandhills Cattle Association Member and Past President
-President of Brown County Fair Board -Active in the Brown County Fair.

Kenneth and the boys help every year getting the fairgrounds ready for the annual fair and rodeo. was Kenneth’s job to make coffee for the “Sunday Beef BBQ.” This required getting up before dawn, washing out the oval horse tank while the coals in the pit were firing up, then adding the coffee to the boiling water. Kenneth greeted and served everyone a hot cup of coffee from the horse tank. He passed on his position to Doug, the middle son, a few years back. (This was quite unique to a daughter-in-law from the Lincoln, Nebraska area…or any traveler that gets a glimpse of this wonderful way of life.)

A distinction special to the O’Hare family is the “Knee-High on the 4th of July Tradition.” Kenneth’s birthday is on the 4th. After the family dinner we would all load up in the suburban…although now it takes 2-3 more vehicles due to the growth of the family…and we head to the cornfield with a 6 foot poster. (This poster gives the year’s date and birthday greeting.) We caravan to the fields and find the tallest corn. We position ourselves in the cornfield under the dated poster for the yearly picture. This family tradition has been part of the 4th of July celebration for approximately 30 years.

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