Miles Hare

Miles Hare

August 17, 1955

Miles was born August 17, 1955, second of three boys of Charlene (Sanderfer) and Dean Hare of Gordon, Nebraska.

By age 13, he was fighting bulls a rodeo’s his dad produced. He landed his first bullfighting job with Erv Korkow’s PRCA stock in Gordon. His competition began with Little Britches Rodeos. He won four top honors in five years: Jr. Boys All-around Cowboy Martin, SD 1967; Jr. Division All-around Cowboy, Ogallala, NE, 1969; Jr. All-Around Cowboy, Martin, SD, 1971; Sr. Division All-round Cowboy, Harrison, NE, 1972. He also won six honors in high school rodeos; All-around Cowboy, Harrison, NE High School Rodeo, 1972, where he received a standing ovation; First place second go round bareback riding National High School Rodeo, Henderson, CO, 1972; All-around Cowboy, Mullen, NE, 1973; All-around Cowboy State High School Rodeo, North Platte, NE 1973; All-around Cowboy High School, 1973; First Place last go round bareback riding National High School Rodeo Finals, Ogden, UT, 1973.

In 1973 and 1974, he was voted top bullfighter by the Nebraska State Rodeo Association.

After graduating from high school, Miles turned professional. He fought bulls from Montana to Texas and as far southeast as Louisiana.

In 1977, Miles was voted by the top 15 bullfighters of the world to fight bulls at the National Finals Rodeo at Oklahoma City, OK. He was the youngest to be so honored. He was only 22 years old.

In his early bullfighting career, he was wild, gutsy, and extremely athletic. He became famous for his lengthwise jump over bulls. He has developed a style based on careful study and remembering bull’s moves. He has had his share of injuries which he considers a part of the territory. He loves his work, and it has been good to him. Miles greatly appreciates those who helped him learn his profession; “I want to treat them as they treated me!”

In 1978, Miles fought bulls in the internationally famous Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada.

In 1980 Miles won the Beauty and the Beast Contest. In 1981, and again in 1988 he was World Champion Bullfighter. He was 6 times NFR Bullfighter.

Miles indicates the most rewarding aspect of his profession is saving a bull rider from injury.

Miles declared: “I will never quit; the bulls will eliminate me!” He will continue as long as his health permits.

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