Ed Becker, Sr.
July 29, 1898 to November 23, 1989

Edward Marcus Becker was born July 29, 1898 to Peter and Cathlene Becker. He was a great lover of horses and at an early age developed into one of the best bronc riders of his time. He went to Arizona for a while and rode the rough string of a big ranch. He came home, bought the ranch he lived on near Ashby, until he retired and it was debt free. Even in his 60’s, he was still breaking and riding horses the young couldn’t, and wouldn’t, ride. He had two brothers, Felix and John, and three sisters, Anna, Mary Lou, and Elaine. He was an honest man and always gave good advice. He was a great rodeo judge and it didn’t make a difference if they had a big name. He judged as he saw it-at one rodeo. The last few years after retiring, Ed lived in Gordon.

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